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Mini Expanded Metal

Place of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JINHAO
Company Certificate:ISO9001:2008
Product Name: Mini Expanded Metal
Applications: Widely used as filtration outer layer, Security fencing,window and door,sidewalk gates,etc.
Minimum Order Quantity: 30 Piece/Pieces

Mini expanded metal, also called micro expanded metal, is a kind of special expanded metal made of fine metal sheets and different with standard diamond expanded metal. It is suitable for utilization in filters as well as for other applications, can be considered as a particular type of the expanded metal with a small size mesh, meaning small openings.

Mini expanded metal can be made from aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, brass and other metal materials.

* Versatile
* Economical
* Durable
* Attractive
* One-piece construction
* Easy handling
* Excellent weight-to-strength ratio
* Low wind resistance
* Easy cutting and shearing
* Available in many styles and materials
* Ventilation properties
* Screen and guarding properties



The Process:
First, sheet metal is fed through a roller or feed below a cutting mechanism. The cutting mechanism has triangular-shaped spikes that pierce the sheet metal as well as force the hole it makes in the metal to expand. For this purpose, the spikes must be shaped like triangular pyramids.
As the sheet metal is fed through, the cutting mechanism expands and cuts several holes in the metal. It moves up and down, to cut the metal, and back and forth to make alternating diamond shapes in the metal.
The shapes cut in the metal can be changed, as well as the pattern in which the shapes are cut, in order to fit many needs.

* Reinforcement
Expanded metal can be combined with wrought iron to make security doors and windows. It is used to block the area between wrought iron door elements to prevent anyone from unlocking the door by reaching through the bars. The diamond-shaped openings allow a full view of anyone at the door, making it easy to distinguish friends and family from intruders before allowing them inside.
* Machinery Guards
Expanded metal combines with an angle-iron frame to cover machine belts and other danger zones. It can be used to make replacement covers for fans or other spinning parts.
* Patio Furniture
Expanded metal can be used to make chair seats and backs and tabletops. The open design ensures that expanded metal patio furniture will dry quickly, making it a good choice around pools. Once you add a set of cushions with mold-resistant, waterproof covers, expanded metal furniture is just as comfortable as other patio furniture.
* Floors, Stairs, Platforms and Domes
Expanded metal can be welded over iron stairs to create a non-skid surface. It is useful over car wash drains or as sewer covers. Its strength and lightweight quality make it ideal for scaffolds, ramps and fire escapes. Our company recommends using it to create domes and curves and as reinforcement for plaster walls.



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