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What is Euro Wire Mesh Fence?

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Wire Mesh Fence - Euro Fence

Our company offer substantial range of euro wire mesh fence systems for general boundary and demarcation purposes, as well as multi-sport facilities, commercial premises and industrial areas. When you own a property and you have animals and a family to protect, it is important that you have this kind of mesh fencing surrounding the area in order to keep out all of the unwanted visitors. For some, the unwanted visitors will include predators that can harm your livestock, for others, the unwanted visitors will include trespassers. Therefore, euro fence is widely used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport and so on.

Material: low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire

* Easy and quick installation
* Precise construction
* Nice appearance and uniform opening
* Excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance and alkeli resistance
* Euro fencings have a versatile aesthetic appearance as they can be painted to fit in with any exterior colour scheme.