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Features of Sack Gabions

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Sack gabion or gabion bag is manufactured with all components mechanically connected at the production facility. All of them are supplied in the collapsed form, folded and bundled. The folded gabion sack units shall be taken out from the bundle and placed on a hard flat surface. They shall be opened, unfolded and pressed out to their original shape ready for assembly. The bundles are compressed and strapped together at the factory for easy shipping and handling. Lacing wire is supplied in coils. Ring fastener is in box which must be stored in a dry environment.


1. Strong resistance to natural destruction and poor weather
2. Withstand large-scale deformation, and does not collapse
3. Some plants can grow in the gap among the rocks
4. Be friendly to the natural environment surrounding
5. Convenient to transport as it can be transported folded
6. Good permeability, which can prevent the damage caused by fluid static
7. What people need to do is just put the stones into the cage without special skills